By computerized all the information generated from the hospital care to wonmu work to improve work efficiency as well as it is designed and implemented in a comprehensive view of the hospital

Patient satisfaction with health care services through the validation of advanced medical Solution site is also integrated solution that improves hospital.


Configuration tasks

Small hospitals basis for CUBE-EMR solutions, Special hospital, Hospital Care,Network hospitals

FULL-Text EMR integration, including hospitals operating in the health information system to enable the system to work considering the characteristics of hospital users.



The flow of the data center effectiveness of the CUBE-CARE is to build a batch system integration of business processes in a hospital environment rapidly changing healthcare industry in the new paradigm

Prior to enhance the competitiveness hospital information and management require a new level of innovation is the Smarter Hospital crystals.



To provide fast, accurate medical information to doctors improve the quality of patient-centered healthcare services and increases customer satisfaction.


  • Patient prescription information and real-time tracking and medical records, regardless of time and place
  • Redundant tasks to increase efficiency of the health care exclusion
  • Execution of orders due to shorter treatment time, improve productivity, perform


  • Concentration in patient care and the care services, such as the automation of the core business due to the simple manipulation
  • Ensuring time resources due to administrative / write workload reduction
  • Easy to medical records retrieval support

Medical Support

  • Improve the efficiency of orders carried out quickly with accurate information sharing
  • Commissioned,Improve operational efficiency by automatically enter clinical test results


  • Chart transportation / labor management personnel, Rich management personnel, such as direct labor-saving labor costs
  • Print the form of water, Expendables, Purchase of printers and direct material costs
  • Duty giroksil space and administrative expenses, Employee education, Reduce overhead costs such as material search

Executive side

  • Length of stay in hospital management and charts(manpower,Storage location,Business Opportunities) Reduce the cost of satisfying return on investment effect

The main screen and features