CUBE-HIS (Hospital Information System)

CUBE-HIS analyze the entire hospital services,design,Coding, test, education, Undergo a rehearsal stage high-tech digital hospital information system with long experience in the User's Needs Customized system worthy of the

We provide solutions to the know-how.

In addition to a variety of external agencies and internal medical information open architecture to maximize the efficiency of fast and accurate hospital services.

CUBE-HIS solution is accurate patient care and service optimization through customer-oriented business processes and contribute to the implementation of customer-centric environment to a consistent data management rationalization of hospital.


main function


CUBE-HIS is building a medical care based on the patient information by utilizing a systematic analysis of each business.


  • Patient Registration, Telephone Reservations, Foreign wonmu, Unmanned Storage Systems, Hospital registration system, Support, emergency room and outpatient management system / hospital receiving and inspection / claims services
  • A solution that makes it easy to perform unnecessary work occurs.

Health care

  • It is configured to dramatically enter various medical prescription and prescription details are forwarded immediately to the respective business units
  • It is easy to identify the patients need a prescription to improve health care efficiency by guiding the user mistakenly prescribe and inspecting optimize the care environment.

Medical Support

  • Pharmacy medical support as part passed on the basis of a prescription, Diagnostic tests, Radiology, Physical Therapy, Support functions, such as laboratory.
  • Drugs automatic packaging / custodian check / Diagnostic tests / Various interface manipulation operations on the results of laboratory management capabilities that connect, etc.(Operation) Typographical errors and prevent
  • You can quickly perform accurate results management operations.

General Management

  • Electronic payment, HR Payroll, Purchase Inventory, Basic accounting management tailored an integrated management system, such as fiscal budget, as well as medicines, Medical Supplies, Central Supply, Malnutrition
  • Support all departments, ranging from business-specific environmental analysis to provide statistical data for improving hospital management.

Management Information

  • It provides a revenue statistics over the cost analysis that includes all expenses and consumption history.
  • Analyze business performance and development of future budgets / enforce.

The necessity of introduction

Health care, safety, operation, Integrated concept(CONCEPT)Patient, Staff, Business users, The new generation of integrated management information system that provides health care information services optimized for each environment.